Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Sleeping Beauty

Here is Aaron's mother holding Jill while she sleeps. She fed her a bottle and then she fell asleep on her. I love the expression on my mother in law's face. She looks like she is in heaven having Jillie lay on her.

She was so tired at this restaraunt we went to awhile ago with Marylin, one of Aaron's sisters. She must have been so tired, even with the bright lights and loud noise she slept in the high chair .

This is how I found her sleeping at my mom's house. It didn't look very comfortable. She was just discovering that she could sleep on her stomache. Now that is the only way she wants to sleep.

Monday, June 22, 2009

My Father and Family

I went to my parents house this weekend for Father's Day and because they were babysitting Jillian on Saturday while I worked. So after work I drove out there. I had so much fun looking thru old photos from as old as when my father and mother were little to as old as about 6 years ago. I wanted to post this yesterday for Fathers Day but I had trouble with the scanner. Finally I got it to work so I emailed the pictures to myself so I could do it today. Here is my dad and my grandpa Jack somewhere on the coast in Southern California. Dad looks terrified of the starfish my grandpa is showing him. I love how my grandpa is cracking up.
Here is my cute dad when he was a little boy in Pasadena, Ca.
The whole family around 1979 or 1980. I love this photo especially dads mustache.

We always went hiking and camping as a family. Here we are in the Tetons I think in the early 80's. I love Cheryl's long socks.

Here is another great family photo with Corneilia. Cornelia lived with us for awhile in Poway, CA. She is from Sweden. I called her "Why-yah". I couldn't say her name so that is what I called her.

My dad and I at Disneyland in line for the submarine ride (now where the Nemo ride is). I loved going to Disneyland, what am I saying, I still do.

Mom and dad with 9 out of the 14 grandchildren they have. from Left: Paulie, Tayli, Thomas on my father, Faith, Beau, Livia on my mom, Jessie, Tess and Sarah.
I love my family. Thanks dad for always being there for us and loving us. You are a great father and Grandfather. Everyone that knows my father knows that he is always so positive and happy all the time. Thank you for that.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Various Cellphone photos

This one was taken today in the BabysRus bathroom. I love it that they have a little seat so mommy's can go to the bathroom too. There have been times where I have had to go to the bathroom after I change her diaper on the changing table but I have to first go back outside and give her to Aaron then go back inside the bathroom to go. So great! So convenient BabysRus! I love that she is all happy sitting there, like she is going on a rollercoaster.
This one is one of my favorites. Guess who took it? Thats not that hard of a question, I know. This is what Jillie does all day at CityBeach with Aaron. Well, not quite.

She is always so happy in the tubba tub tub!

3 month old Jillie smiling away!

Max looking very prestigious or shall I say king of the forest.

Ah yes, let us never forget how close we were to Coldplay. Thank you Barb and Steve!

Monday, June 1, 2009

My LIttle 6 Month Old

Today was a beautiful day spent with my little ones. I can't foget about her big brother Max. We drove up to Foothills park which is a park strictly for Palo Alto residents. I know, that sounds kindof rude but I heard that they asked some other cities to buy the land with them but no other city wanted to so Palo Alto bought it on its own so that is why it is a strictly for us "Palo Altoins". Guests are aloud too of course. It is a 1,300 acre preserve with lots of deer and other wild animals. There is a lake and many hikes. Aaron and I go there on occasion. I love that it is only about a 20 minute drive or less and you are totally out in the wilderness.
This was Jillie's first time here and she seemed to love it. She is always so peaceful and amuzed outside. She kept trying to grab the wildflowers. She fell over a couple of times onto the grass but she didn't even cry. Probably cause it was cushiony. We saw a couple of deer but they were too far from us to get a good picture, except when we were walking back to the car, there was this doe that was so close to us in the bushes trying to keep still that I spotted. I wish I had my camera handy then. There were some other people around walking there dogs and just relaxing. It was such a gorgeous day today.

When we got home, Jillie downed 5 oz. and took a nap. Then when she got up she was all smiles again. When Aaron got home from work, she got so excited to see him that she screamed and kept shaking. She loves her daddy.

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Look at my 6 month old cutiepie!

Every DAy is sO FuN witH JilLiE. TodaY sHe is 6 mOntHs! ShE iS verY inTerEsteD iN thE cAmEra. ShE ALwayS wAntS tO PuT iT In HeR MouTh.

WE haVE a MirroR hOOked to tHe baCK sEat sO we caN sEE heR wHIle we driVe. I Had to taKe THis piCTure of her, How could i resist! LOOk aT hEr liTTle FacE!
CaN You See hEr TwO fRonT tEEth?

hER SmiLE iS ConTAgiOUs.