Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I was attacked..

Last night Aaron, Max, and I went to the city hoping for a splendid evening taking the dog for a walk and then grabbing a bite to eat. It was great up until we were walking back to the car after eating a delicious italian pastry in the park. We were heading up to our car that was parked near columbus on a side street near china town when we noticed a strange lady covering her face with her umbrella and carrying a folding chair up the same side of the sidewalk we were on. We proceeded to walk around her and while I was right beside her, she decided to wack me with her folding chair. I screamed and let Aaron take over. She was such an idiot! She started yelling at us saying, "Why you sneak up behind me!" We of course didn't, we were chatting away about something way before we approached her so she new that we were coming. It was crazy, the lady totally just wanted to be right, even when Aaron yelled back at her saying, " Why did you just hit my wife, she's pregnant, she's having a baby!!" She just kept yelling back, "So, I don't even care..." People like that make me so mad when they clearly are in the wrong but they won't admit it. We almost called the police, I wish we did, maybe it would have taught her a lesson. She even tried to fight back to Aaron shoving her umbrella at him, which was pretty funny seeing a 5'-5" chinese brod trying to fight a 6'-8" white male. It was insane. You know in her mind she was thinking we would run away and not fight back leaving her with no consequence to her actions which would then leave her in control of the situation, but she was wrong, so wrong. Good thing she was short because I do have a pretty nasty bruise on my leg, so if she were a little taller or I shorter, I would have been hit with a folding chair in the stomache.