Thursday, July 7, 2011

Summer Days are here!

Here's an update of our two crazy kids... They both love to play with each other in the crib.

Happy 4th of July. we went to the Berkley Marina where they had lots of stuff for kids to do on the 4th.

Can you see Jill and Aaron way in the back of the train?

Having a pony ride on a pony named Snickers.

Now here we are in the city. We walked up from the Embarcadaro to Nob Hill near Grace Cathedral. Its crazy up hill before I took this picture (here we are at the top)and Aaron ended up walking alot of it like this. At the top across from the cathedral is a park where everyone lets there dogs off the leash and play around.

They have a playground at the park too. They love swinging together.

Here we are just before swimming with cousins in San Jose

Here's Jillie and her cousin Gabriela running around by the pool.

Here they are again resting by the pool.

We went to Carmel yesterday to walk around. We love it down there. Here's Aaron with both girls again.

Can I have this door and Ivy?

Look at these sweet three

Yes, finally one with all of us, even Max.