Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Plates and things...

I just discovered this website, I love the color palettes. It makes me want to have a party outside. I love the red and white polka dots and who wouldn't want to celebrate their birthday with those birthday plates and mugs?

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

I love my nieces and nephews! I gave them all a "I love you California" shirt for our Family Reunion last summer. If you can't see very well what the shirt is of, it is of a grizley bear hugging the state of Cali. Thank you Jenni for making these! They were so excited to wear them. Now, I have one more nephew named Tyler who was born a few weeks ago and one more niece will be born on Leap year, Feb. 29th! She will be induced that day.

I'm so glad when daddy comes home...

Every time Aaron comes home from work Max gets so excited to see him. He wags his tail, rolls over, and gives Aaron tons of kisses. It is very cute, so here are a few pics from yesterday when Aaron came home.

Monday, January 21, 2008

San Francisco

I love San Francisco. This is one of my favorite buildings in SF. It is located in Little Italy near Columbus St. One of our favorite things to do is walk around the city at night and see all the city lights. We are so lucky to live so close to one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

Saturday, January 19, 2008


We have a Max now! He was our Christmas present to each of us. Ever since Aaron and I go married we wanted to get a dog, but we couldn't where we used to live. So after two years of living without a dog we decided to move just to get one. (That's kindof true, we also wanted some more space.) Our old place was cute but so small and it came fully furnished in a bad way! So we found our beautiful condo that we are renting thanks to a good friend, Kersha in the ward. And we have our own furniture now, yeah!! So after we got settled in to our new place the first thing on our list was to get a dog. We searched and searched on Craigslist and petfinder and then finally we found Max. A lady found him wandering around East San Jose, (I knew Aaron would love him for that reason alone). He was all mangy and dirty and skinny and had a rope around his neck. So the nice lady picked him up and posted him on craigslist. She took him to the vet and they told her that he was not microchipped so there was no way of finding the previous owners. Which, I'm assuming he was not in the best living situation. We are thinking he was either abandoned or got loose. Anyway, Aaron had to work late the night I went to meet him, so I was pretty bummed about that. But I went anyway and instantly fell in love with him. I asked the lady if I could pay her the $5o bucks and take him to Aaron's work so she let me and after a long, anticipating 30 minutes he said Yes. He is such a cutie. We love him. He is a Terrior mix. One of my clients that goes to dog shows told me that he has to be part Dandie Dinmont . I was like, "what is that?" So, in case you are curious here are some images of Dandie Dinmonts. He also has a curly tail so he might be mixed with a Shih tsu too. but it remains a mystery.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Our new Place

Here is our new place! We moved about 4 blocks away from where we used to live into a condo. We love it! The layout is so much better for us. It is still a one bedroom but way more spacious. We are still in the same ward also. We love our ward so we are happy to stay in it.

Who says a girl can't win!

I beat Aaron on the Buzz Light Year ride at DisneyLand by 100 points! I was practicing for this challenge for a long time! Just kidding. This also was taken when we were still dating, I was trying to impress him and I guess it worked! This ride is awesome because at the end of the ride you can email the photo that it took of you to yourself for free!

Don't Squish Me!

I've always loved this picture so I had to put it on my blog. Its so funny. It was taken awhile ago before Aaron and I started dating. Actually, it was taken 4th of July weekend of 2005 and we officially started dating when he got back from camping at Angel Island that Sunday if you were to ask me, but if you were to ask him he would tell you we started dating months before that. I guess it just depends on what you call "dating".