Tuesday, September 23, 2008


We had alot of fun last weekend. We spent a half day at Disneyland and the next day we went to SeaWorld with our friend Amy Catale. We left Disneyland around 4, (I know lame)but my feet were hurting and I couldn't really go on the fun rides so we spent alot of time shopping in the stores. We bought baby Jillian mickey mouse ears with her name on the backside, they are so cute. We also found some old fashioned mickey and minnie dolls so we bought some of those. Max stayed at the Disney Kennel club and received a certificate saying that he had very good behavior. We think it would be funny to frame it and hang it on the wall above his doggie bed.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Surprise for me!

Aaron and I have been planning on going somewhere next weekend for quite sometime now. Originally, we were going to go to Lake Tahoe for the weekend, but now I'm not sure where we are going. I'm getting a little excited right now because Aaron has informed me that he is not telling me where we are headed. I believe this will be the first time that I have let him surprise me. I have ruined multiple surprises coming from him and I'm not about to blow it again. I don't know how I do it either, because I like to be surprised but somehow I always say to much or ask to much and ruin each surprise. I will let you all know where we go! If you want to find out ahead of time, maybe he will tell you, but whatever you do, don't tell me.