Thursday, May 5, 2011

Its been awhile...

We went to the aquarium awhile back and Jill found a nice little cave to watch the sea turtles.

They love taking baths together!

Little Audrey and Little Kiera! They are 4 months apart.

My nephew Beau and his baby sister Audrey. He's a sweet brother to all 5 of his sisters!

It snowed while we were out in Utah last month for my nieces baptism and my other nieces blessing. Jillian was in heaven while I think everyone else was sick of the snow. So we built a snowman, which she called a snowbear.

I got to hang with my good friend Mia. She lives right by the Temple in Salt Lake. We walked to a Jazz game and I snapped this on our way there. To bad I didn't get one of us together.

Livia and I while waiting for everyone to get done getting their eyes checked by Jesse, my uncle.

My mom and happy Kiera in the waiting room at the eye clinic.

funny Jillie and Sadie in the waiting room also. They are nine months apart and play so well together. Its fun to watch them play and talk to each other. Jillian still talks about Sadie everyday.

In my parents backyard one sunny day in April. More updates to come.....