Friday, August 14, 2009

Fun-Filled Week

Cheryl, Beau, Livia, and Sadie came out to see grandma and grandpa Dryden and I this last week!! It was so much fun spending the whole week with them! It worked out perfect with my work schedule cause now I am just working Mondays and Saturdays and she was here Monday night thru Friday morning! Sadie and Jillie are exactly 9 months apart and they were so intrigued by each other the whole time. Well, I should say Sadie was more intrigued by Jillie cause she is older. They became intstant best friends. It was so adorable seeing how they interacted. Sadie couldn't stop touching her face and hair.
All the kids were playing at the kids table and Jill crawled over to them and stood right up to be right up by them.
Beau and Livia had such a fun time with both of the dogs. They took them on atleast 5 walks a day!

We all went swimming at my parents neighbors pool, it was so refreshing in that heat!

I snapped this shot of Sadie with her arm around Jill, that was so cute! She was so gentle with her.

the 4 cuties

I miss you guys, come back!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

A Properly Dressed Baby

Tonight Aaron came home with white onesies, images of some of Aaron's (and mine) favorite bands and tv show, and special printing paper... and this is what his crafty mind came up with.
One of David Bowie "Ziggy Stardust"

One of the Clash
and one of Flight of the Conchords, we didn't want to change her a third time tonight into this one. I have to say, these are pretty awesome. Thank you Aaron.