Monday, February 22, 2010


When it shows the keyboard player towards the middle of the song, who does it remind you of?

Doesn't it look like Will Ferrell!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Wiggily Jill

Its been awhile since I've updated on our sweetiepie. She was 13 months in these photos with grandma and grandpa. She loves sitting on their laps. She also loves exploring at grandma and grandpas house. The stairs are her favorite. She loves climbing them, but she still hasn't quite figured out how to go down. Luckily she is careful and waits for me or grandma to help her. We are working on getting her to go backwards on her tummy down. She will do it sometimes on the carpeted stairs but not on the wooden steps. She's smart, I wouldn't either.
I love this picture of them. I think Jillie has grandpa's eyes a little bit.

The bumble bee car is one of her favorites. She got it for Christmas from Grandma and Grandpa Benning. We push her around the house in it as she says, "wee weeee"

Jillies also loves to go on adventures. Here we are at Rancho San Antonio park. They have a little farm but we got their to late to see the animals up close. We did see some through the fence though. She loves to pick up sticks and as many as she can hold in each hand.

Her first time drinking out of a drinking fountain.

Her hair turns all curly when she gets even a little bit sweaty. She loves to wiggle all around the house when mommy and daddy are both at home. One of her favorite games is when we chase her around the house.

We took a day trip up to San Francisco about a week ago. Here we are near the water at the bottom of Van Ness where all the piers are.

Oh look, she found a stick and some bark!

Another favorite thing she loves to do is walk Max. As you can see she is holding the leash and she saw this "pretty" orange baracade that she wanted to lean up against for awhile. Another day she was with daddy in downtown San Jose and she again was walking Max and then saw a big art mural on a side of a building, so she stopped and leaning up against it and just stayed there for a little bit. So Aaron took some pictures with his cell phone and immediately she walked over to Aaron and reached her hands out to see the pictures. I will have to post that photo later.