Saturday, September 10, 2011

kiera turned 1!

Kiera turned one on August 26th. We invited some of her cousins over for cake and icecream that evening.

"yum, this was tasty, how can I get my mom to give me more"

We had a birthday party on Sept. 3rd in a park. She was a happy little camper that day!

So was Jillie!

Smiley girl

We all took a train ride around the park.

Then we rode the carousel. It was a great day with Family and Friends!


Erica said...

So cute Dana. Kiera looks so much like Jillie!

Laura said...

HOw fun is that? Those cakes look so great Dana... did you make those? Happy Bday little Kiera, we love you and can't wait to get to know you, sob, sob, why don't we know her?? :( :(
Dana your girls look so much like Steve's kids to me, so fun to see these connections.

jessie dryden said...

I cant wait to meet cute little kiera! jillie and kiera are both adorable!
oh! and you said we're into the same kind of music? awesome (: